FL-1000 participants can expect rough weather

Written by: Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 15.03.2017 12:22

FL-1000 participants can expect wind and blowing snow over the next 24 hours, according to Meteorological Institute in Tromsø.

So far, the weather has been quite varied for the Finnmark Race participants. This seems to continue, explains Ida Fossli at Meteorological Institute in Tromsø.

The wind will pick up this evening in Western Finnmark, and move toward the teams that are on their way to Varangerbotn. Tomorrow, the participants will have strong gale, perhaps even small storm certain places. Dogs and mushers will have a strong head wind as they are headed toward Western Finnmark.

Rough weather at Levajok. (Photo: Steinar Vik)

Even though very little participation is expected, there will be a lot of snow blowing due to the strong wind. - Mushers must be prepared for some really rough weather, says Ida Fossli.

The temperatures will not change much, but it might be a little bit colder. 4-6 degrees below zero during the day, and perhaps around – 10 at night.

On Friday, the FL-1000-teams might have a little bit of snow, but the wind will have slowed down considerably for the participants, Meteorological Institute in Tromsø.

Det er ikke forventet store temperaturendringer, men meteorologen forteller at det kanskje vil bli noe kaldere, rundt 4-6 minusgrader på dagtid og ned i 10 kuldegrader på natta.

På fredag kan FL-1000-deltakerne forvente seg litt nedbør i perioder. Det vil imidlertid bli mye mindre vind, ned i frisk bris fra sør, i de områdene hvor hundespannene ferdes, ifølge Meteorologisk Institutt.