FL-1000: Who will be rookie of the year?

Written by: Elisabeth Bergquist/Trine Kvidal-Røvik
Date: 16.03.2017 09:24

So far Kristoffer Halvorsen is in a good position to become Rookie of the Year – in FL-1000.

Sled dog racing is a sport where experience counts, something mushers often emphasize. In light of this, it is no surprise that Halvorsen is in the leading part of this year’s FL-1000. This is his first Finnmark Race, but he has plenty of experience as a musher at a high level.

Kristoffer Halvorsen at the Alta River. He is now at checkpoint Sirbma and is in best position as a rookie right now. (Photo: Anna Riebelova)

Halvorsen’s interest for sled dog racing began in 2010, he told Østlandets Blad, when he joined a friend at the Femund Race. After that experience he started as a handler for Kennet Nilsen, who also participates in this year’s FL-1000. 

In the summer of 2013 Kristoffer Halvorsen started training Robert Sørlie’s dogs, who were preparing for Iditarod 2014 – Sørlie’s last Iditarod.

28-year old Halvorsen had a great musher debut a few years ago, and won both Mush Synnfjell and Hallingen in 2015. Since then he has participated in several races, and had good results.


Kristoffer Halvorsen. (Photo: Finnmarksløpet)

At the moment, Kristoffer Halvorsen is in eight place in FL-1000, and he has joined the best of mushers in Norway. It is still far to go until the finish line, and the storm is raging in the mountain. But if he continues doing well, no one can stop him from winning at least one prize this year: Rookie of the Year.