FL-1000: The predicted storm came

Written by: Elisabeth Bergquist
Date: 16.03.2017 07:41

The announced bad weather certainly arrived, according to Race Marshall Rita Hallvig.

Two Finnmark Race trail crew snowmobiles traveled across the mountain between Sirbma and Levajok last night. They confirmed that the rough weather did arrive. There is a full storm in the mountain – a complete whiteout.

Lasse Austgarden coming into Sirbma last night. (Photo: Robin Opgård)

The scooter drivers put down the trail sticks a bit closer while they were out.

The weather did calm down in Sirbma, but men then the wind picked up again.

The 13 teams that have arrived at the checkpoint during the night not only have to take into consideration the race plan and the competitors. They also have to look carefully at the weather.

An update from the Meteorological Institute in Tromsø says that the wind will pick up throughout the day, but it should slow down throughout the day. In the area by Sirbma, the storm will calm down between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. but until then it will be a lot of wind.